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Baby & Toddler Swim & Play Classes


A Fun Atmosphere for your Child to Learn how to Swim.

At Shooter Hill Post 16 Campus

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Fun and Games in the Pool

Our Baby and Toddler classes are a great way to introduce your little one to the pool and water activities.  We provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for your little one to gain confidence in the water.  Through activities, games and a lot of fun we introduce babies to their first splash and toddlers to the lifelong skill of swimming.   

Our structured lessons last for 30 minutes in which we will show you how to teach your child simple water activities. The activities include safe entries and exits, floating, moving on the front and back, rotation skills, breath control, independence, streamlining and much more.

Our lessons are suitable for babies from  9 months to 4 years. Please check with your health visitor before commencing swimming lessons.

Our Teachers

The classes are taught by Alison Bell, founder of ABC Swim School. She is  an ASA Tutor and has over 26 years experience of teaching baby & toddler swimming classes.  She also tutors teacher training courses for adult and child aquatic lessons.

Resources to help your child’s swimming experience

Alison has also contributed to two book publications:

Make a Splash - Water Activities for Adult and Child

Teach your child to Swim

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Baby and Toddlers Classes

We follow the ASA Foundation level of the Learn to swim pathway.   We will be working towards the ‘Swim a Song’ and ‘Duckling Awards’ in each session.

During the class, each child accompanied by an adult is gently introduced to the pool to engage in water confidence exercises.  Our classes are adapted to each adult and child which enables participants to develop at their own pace.

At the end of the 12 week class, we hope the children would have developed water confidence and independence.  We also hope the adult would have gained the knowledge and skills required to develop the child’s swimming ability to start them on their aquatic journey.

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