ABC Swim School


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Why Choose Us

  • ABC teachers create a safe, positive, fun and engaging learning environment.
  • We give individual attention in a small-lesson setting; 1 Level 2 teacher and 1 to 2 assistant teachers in the pool with children up to Stage 3.
  • We make creative use of equipment and varied activities.
  • We work to a learning programme set by the national governing body for swimming - Swim England.
  • We provide opportunities to complete distance awards.
  • ABC teachers are enthusiastic and caring about the swimmers they teach.
  • Certificates are included in the price

General Information - Updated July 2022

    1. Everyone attending ABC will need to inform ABC Swim School if they are absent due to COVID-19.
    2. ABC will be cleaning the changing rooms after each 30-minute lesson.
    3. Parents/adults will not be able to come to poolside at any time unless swimming with a child with prior arrangement or your child has had an accident and we call you to come to poolside, shoe covers must be worn.
    4. Parents/adults are permitted in the building in the sports reception area and at the pick-up point in the corridor.
    5. If you need to contact us, please use a text to the pool manager. (numbers will be given out)

 Swimmer's Progress

We are a Swim England Accredited Swim School. We work towards Duckling, Stages 1 - 7 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway (LTSP), followed by Stages 8 - 10 for multi aquatic disciplines. Many other awards are available for Artistic Swimming, Rookie Lifesaving and Challenge Awards. Distance sessions are held for those working towards 20m - 2000m.

At the end of each term, progress reports are given. Our lessons are small in order to enhance the swimming experience of every individual and allows each swimmer to progress at their own pace.

Badges and certificates are complimentary for awards achieved.

Before the start of the lesson - Updated July 2022

    1. Do not come to the lesson if you feel unwell or have any COVID-19 symptoms.
    2. Toilets can be used downstairs in the entrance before the start of the lesson.
    3. Swimmers to enter the pool via the fire exit for the start of the lesson.
    4. ABC staff will be on the door to take swimmers into the pool area and take the register.
    5. Arrive swim ready with costume, hat, goggles on with overclothes like a onesie easy to take off once they come into the poolside, especially as the weather gets colder.
    6. Each swimmer will need a waterproof bag on the bottom to put in their flipflops, towel and overclothes in. (such as a large shopping bag)
    7. Swimmers will be shown where to go on poolside to put their bags (these will be on the pool floor) this will be a one-way system along the deep end, down the wall on the far side then go to the entry points on the window side.
    8. If armbands are needed ABC staff can help them put them on with your permission. 
    9. Swimmers will need to provide their own float and noodle for the lesson. Please put their name on the equipment with a permanent marker.
    10. Parents/adults will be able to view at the window adhering to the ABC code of conduct for parent/guardians and swimmers.
    11. Parents/adults will not be able to come to poolside at any time so children must be able to be dropped off at the fire exit, unless arranged with ABC prior to the session.

During the lesson - Updated July 2022

  1. Each session will have a poolside manager to supervise the session.
  2. The teachers will be in the pool teaching.
  3. There will be 7 children in a class and 4 stations including a one to one lesson.
  4. Orange Station (Stage 1 and 2) Shallow end – 2 – 3 teachers.
  5. Green Station – (Stage 3 and 4) Middle of the pool – 2 – 3 teachers.
  6. Blue Station – (Stage 5, 6, 7) Deep end of the pool - Main teacher on the side of the pool.
  7. Swimmers will use their own float and noodle.
  8. ABC will provide further engaging equipment.

After the lesson - Updated July 2022

    1. Swimmers will get out at an exit point.
    2. Swimmers will collect their bags with their clothes, shoes and equipment.
    3. Swimmers will go to the changing rooms directed by ABC staff and leave float and noodles outside.
    4. Swimmers need to be able to manage in the changing rooms on their own.
    5. ABC staff will be on hand to give swimmers back to parents/adults in the corridor upstairs.
    6. Alternatively parents can collect swimmers in the corridor upstairs and take them to the downstairs changing rooms, flip flops and towels are to be worn on the stairs if using the downstairs changing rooms.

    Updated 15th July 2022

    ABC Swim School COVID-19 Lead

    Alison Bell


Due to the lack of space around the pool, we have an exterior viewing area

You are able to view the swimmers from the exterior viewing area through the windows adhering to the ABC code of conduct for parent/guardians and swimmers. To access this viewing area go back out the main entrance and turn right towards the tennis courts, continue around the building and you will see the window on your right hand side.  If you need further guidance please see ABC staff at the pool and they will point you in the right direction.

Access to the pool is via the Pool side fire exit

To keep the floors clean, please remove shoes before going into the changing rooms and poolside. We provide blue overshoes for a small fee.

Child Protection

To ensure the safety of all swimmers, we ask everyone to follow the following important rules:

  • No mobile phones are to be used on poolside.
  • No photography or filming is permitted for the protection of the pool users.
  • It is unacceptable for Female adults to enter the Male Changing Room.
  • It is unacceptable for Male adults to enter the Female Changing Room.
  • Girls 7 years and under can be accompanied by their male parent or guardian in the Male Changing Room. Girls 8 years and over must use the Female Changing Room
  • Boys 7 years and under can be accompanied by their female parent or guardian in the Female Changing Room. Boys 8 years and over must use the Male Changing Room.   
  • ABC staff will escort the swimmers from the changing area's back to parents waiting outside