ABC Swim School


One to One Lessons 

Age Group


3 ½ years upwards

Class Size


One to one


£150.00 for 6  week course one to one lessons
(inclusive of VAT)


30 minute lesson for

6 weeks





Wednesdays 4.00 – 6.30pm, 30 minute lessons
(Children only)
Saturdays 1.15 – 5.15pm,

30 minute lessons
(Children only)
Sundays 11.15 – 1.50pm  
30 minute lessons
(Children only) 

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One to one lessons

  • Need that extra attention and confidence building?
  • Full attention for the 30 minute lessons designed & individually tailored for your needs
  • Instructors are in the water to provide support and confidence if required
  • Patient and safe environment for learning

What will happen at my 1-1 swimming lesson?



Awards for Children

  • Duckling 1 – 4
  • LTSP Stages 1 – 7
  • Rainbow awards (Distances) Puffin swimming 5m with aids, 5m – 2000m
  • Water safety


Certificate will be given as complimentary to children when they achieve the awards

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