ABC Swim School


Babies & Toddlers

Age Group


4 Months - 4 Years

Class Size






Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 

 £90 for 6 week course

[Inclusive of VAT]


30 minute lesson for 6 weeks







10.00 - 10.30am

10.30 - 11.00am 



4:20 - 4:50pm

4.50 - 5.20pm



1:20 - 1.50pm
30 minute lessons



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What your child should wear

Please ensure children that are not bowel trained wear swim nappies.  They are really good and can be brought in most Supermarkets or Chemists and can be worn under their swimming costume, Happy Nappies are really good to use over the top of a swim nappy.  Please do not put baby in normal nappies, as they become very heavy in the water.  It is also advisable to have young babies in ‘baby body warmers’ which you can get from Amazon or Mothercare this keeps them warm and allow them to enjoy the lessons.  It is essential to have a towel ready on poolside to wrap up your little ones straight away as they leave the water to keep them warm. The staff will help you with this.  Further information given on booking.

Baby and Toddler Lessons

  • Our Baby and Toddler lessons are a great way to introduce your child to the pool.
  • We provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for your child to gain confidence in the water and start to achieve through easy steps to learning.
  • Our instructors will be teaching from in the pool. 
  • We use cross curricular activities within the lessons including numbers, letters and colours.
  • We instruct the adult how to teach the child so these skills can be used with your baby or toddler at the pool in your leisure time.
  • Please bring your towels and valuables with you to poolside.


Discovery Duckling 1 Discovery Duckling 2 Discovery Duckling 3 Discovery Duckling 4
Duckling 1 Duckling 2 Duckling 3 Duckling 4
'I CAN' certificates for various skills
Certificate will be given as complimentary to children when they achieve the awards

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