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ABC Swim School Safeguarding information

What is safeguarding?

 Safeguarding is the umbrella where the proactive policies and procedures in place for the benefit of all children involved in our clubs and activities

What is child protection?

 Child Protection is one aspect of the safeguarding umbrella specific to children and adults who are at risk of, or suffering, significant harm

What is in place at ABC Swim School?

ABC Swim School Safeguarding Policy that is active and building a safeguarding culture with managers, swimming teachers and staff, parents and swimmers.  This is in line with Swim Englands Safeguarding Policy called WavePower

The role of the NEW welfare officer


It is longer ‘best practice’ but mandatory that the welfare officer of an organisation is not related to, or in a close relationship with, either the chair/owner/proprietor, or a coach/swimming teacher of the organisation they are the welfare officer for.  

ABC Swim School External Welfare Officer is Lorna Crust and can be contacted on 

Mobile 07802 660516.  

ABC Swim School Internal Welfare Officer is Alison Bell who will deal with the day to day safeguarding and can be contracted on 

Mobile 07802 631571

 Useful contacts 2024

WavePower FAQ's

Child protection in Sport Unit NSPCC

The Regional Welfare Officer is Andrew Giess. Email

Swim England "Heart of Aquatics"

Swim England safeguarding national team